At Laundry on the Way we take your safety and the health of our team VERY seriously. That’s why, while caring for your clothes, we have put in place standard Laundry on the Way procedures with others that follow the CDC Guidelines and Best Practices.

Standard Laundry on the Way Procedures

  • As always, laundry from different households is never mixed.
  • Our laundry care experts were gloves and masks while sorting, washing, and folding laundry.
  • All completed laundry orders are bagged in Laundry on the Way official bags and stored apart from articles that have not yet been processed.
  • Folding tables are sanitized between orders.
  • All laundry bags are laundered before being returned to customers.

Additional CDC Guidelines

  • Clothes are washed and dried at the warmest appropriate setting as defined by the item’s manufacturer.
  • All laundry is dried completely. (The option of having your clothes air-dried has temporarily been suspended).
  • Any member of the Laundry on the Way team showing any sign of illness will remain at home and self-isolate.
  • Social distancing will be prated at all Laundry on the Way processing facilities.
  • Laundry on the Way team members – from office staff to the laundry care experts and driver partners – are required to wash and sanitize their hands frequently and wear disposable gloves when appropriate.
  • All “high touch” points – like washer and dryer door handles, tablets, and folding tables – are regularly disinfected.

Good Things to Know

  • Laundry on the Way is open for business!
  • The COVID 19 virus cannot withstand the washing and drying cycle. Consequently, the simple act of laundering your clothes destroys the corona virus.
  • Laundry Processing Facilities have been declared as “essential services” by all states where citizens have been encouraged to “shelter in place.”