Our Story

The Beginning

Founded in 2019, Laundry on the Way has always been about finding a way to make your life easier. We began to look at ways in which people were using delivery services to get a variety of things and realized that laundry was a great opportunity to make people’s lives easier.

So in 2019 we began to dig into the laundry and dry cleaning industry and, guess what! We were right! 

What We Do

The convenience of  delivery services absolutely could be realized in laundry and dry cleaning services and in a way that’s substantially more helpful and valuable to customers were already finding value with food delivery. 

So that means Laundry on the Way has many opportunities for you.

  • Want to start your own business? Check out our licensee opportunity under ‘business opportunities’ link below.
  • Want more leads and customers for your laundromat or dry cleaning business? Check out our ‘serving service providers’ link below.
  • Want to earn money as a driver or laundry care professional? Check out our ‘career opportunities’ link below.
  • Got tons of laundry and need help? Check out our ‘serving your home’ link below.

Your HOme

To learn more about how Laundry On The Way can help lighten your load at home, click here to learn more about us! Get started today!

Career Opportunities

Are you interested in being a driver and laundry care professional? We offer rewarding opportunities for the right people!

Serving Service Providers

See how we can help your laundromat or your dry cleaning service gain customers quickly and regularly - click to learn more!

Business Opportunities

This is an exciting time to explore a business opportunity with Laundry on the Way. If you're self-starter, click here to learn more!