How it Works

Laundry services typically charge by the pound which means you can have fluctuating pricing from order to order. With Laundry on the Way, your price is always the same each month and if it fits in your laundry bag, we’ll get it clean.

Each Laundry on the Way bag can hold up to 25 pounds of laundry, or about 2 normal-sized loads. And our convenient scheduling system allows you to schedule your pick up and delivery times  for your designated route day.

Once your subscription has been processed, your laundry bags will be delivered a laundry care specialist, usually within 2 business days.


$99/per month

Individuals with light laundry needs.

1 bag
2 pickups / mo


$359/per month

Small to medium-sized households.

2 bags
4 pickups / mo


$649/per month

Medium to large-sized households.

4 bags
4 pickups / mo